CWL Aftermarket Portal

Our flagship system. This system is used by all levels of trader, from entry-level through to the most experienced.

1 Many Trading Indicators & Tools

A wide range of tools, both technical and fundamental, are at the trader's disposal when working with the Aftermarket Portal. The system provides tools for managing your indicators, as well as the indicators themselves, for removing any analysis paralysis and to keep the customise the charts.

2 Large Trading Database

The Aftermarket Portal analyses a large database of up the latest end-of-day stock data, to find the best performing and undervalued stocks.

3 Intuitive Trading Strategies

Designed to be simple-to-use, even for the least experienced of traders, the Aftermarket Portal executes over 270 technical and fundamental calculations, allowing the trader to use the system with no technical knowledge.

4 Portfolio Management and Accounting Included

View all stock information and an analysis of your portfolio all in one window. View historical and current market data, of all stocks, in clean charts. Analyse your trading history on all stocks. Many customisable settings and illustrations.

5 Totally Customisable Notifications System

The Aftermarket Portal offers alert settings for a range of scenarios, including; stop losses, price alerts, technical indicator alerts, buy/ sell alerts and many more. The system also facilitates customised alerts.

6 Data Export & Import

The system allows for the importation of market data, which it uses to perform the range of calculations. The stock data is accepted in many formats, including CSV, and is will accept data from all major data providers.

Our expert support analysts will show you how to generate an income from trading using the award-winning CWL Aftermarket Portal.


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